August 27, 2013

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“Why To Protect Your Financial Future ?

It’s really no top secret that the global economies depend on an unsustainable amount of debt. Think one step further: there will be a day that these programs must end, or at least must come back to “more realistic” levels. What will happen then? How will it affect you, your family, your employer or your clients (if you are running a business)? While we certainly don’t want to come across as “gloom and doom”, the harsh reality is that this debt addicted global economy can only be fixed with a planned reset or a reset that will rise up from the ashes of an economic disaster.

In general, we expect the middle class to be most affected going forward. It seems we are on the same page as the people at  FutureMoneyTrends who just released a must-see video. Although it discusses the USA, it applies to almost every country in the world. Important US based data that are highlighted in the video (source: recent surveys):

  • 76% of Americans right now are living paycheck to paycheck
  • 27% of Americans have no savings at all
  • 46% of Americans have less than $800 in savings
  • close to 50 million Americans are on food stamps, which is a rise of 30 million since 2000 which means 1 in 6 Americans receiving government aid in order to eat (by the way, almost 50% of them have jobs).
  • latest jobs reports showed part-time employment to be at an all-time high (June 2013 saw a decrease of 240,000 full time jobs).


The underlying message is that you need to be ahead of the curve and find ways to create multiple sources of income. Starting something yourself as long as we are still in this state of “normalcy” will give you the experience you will need when times are tough.

Financial education will help get you through a financial crisis. With the right steps and choices, you could avoid a financial disaster.